Monday, April 23, 2007

Welcome to...Musical Shapes

Welcome to the inaugural posting of Musical Shapes. The idea came to me last fall when I was in Nashville for the Americana Music Conference and saw a performance by Carlene Carter. I was a fan of hers back in her heydays of the late '70s and early '80s. I had read about her addiction problems and was curious about what she'd be like. She didn't disappoint. She was in great voice - full-bodied rockin country - and had a great presence on stage. It was one of those experiences that I felt I wanted to share. To stand up on a virtual rooftop and shout to the world: "Hey, Carlene Carter is back and just as cool as she ever was!"

Okay, so that was some seven months ago and I'm only now starting a blog. (and I pledge not to take seven months between future posts) But it's still timely to spread the word on Carlene. Check out her website for more information about her new cd that she's label searching.

Oh, wait, what about this name, Musical Shapes, you're asking. Well, it's the name of Carlene Carter's wonderful 1980 record. Not that this will be about her. Far from it. But the album did have a terrific mix of New Wave, Country and Rock music - three styles that I really dig. Also I'll be writing about music in various shapes and sizes, although I'll be peeking at other topics with my semi-random ramblings...ah, observations.

And I'm not going to more about me at his moment. I thought it might be better to do piecemeal over the course of the blogs. Or maybe I'm just too sleepy to get into my life and interests at this moment.

and now I'll let you back to your lives...

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