Friday, April 27, 2007

Coach vs. Coachella

Since I am a music writer, a music writer based in Southern California no less, I should be all amped up this weekend about the massive Coachella music festival. I guess it's another great bill. Crowded House has reformed. But quite frankly I haven't paid that much attention. out of sight out of mind, perhaps. I'm not going to be there so why get emotionally involved in what I'm missing.
However, I'm not going to be in New York City either for the NFL draft, or any of the teams' draft rooms, yet I'm emotionally involved there. maybe not as much as I once was. but I still have been checking various mock drafts (although not so much that I'd paid a site to see) in order to check on what the "experts" think. and I won't be sitting home all weekend watching the ESPN coverage - just watching it when I can.
I was remembering yesterday how I was doing mock drafts before it became such a business. When the Seattle Seahawks came into the NFL, I did my own draft for them. not in real time, but the next day. I think I drafted Jackie Slater, who later went on to be an all-pro with the Rams. Oh, and I'm not even a Seahawks fan. they were just the new expansion team.
And while I no longer, buy the draft mags and make predictions, the draft has been engrained in my dna. I don't think I can even explain why. can other otherwise rational draftniks explain why? those who don't get paid for being a draft expert? my wife just rolls her eyes over it.
so hopefully by some time after noon on Saturday, after my hometown team the Cleveland Browns make their first round selection (Peterson? Quinn? Thomas? someone else?) then my preoccupation will dissipate (and move on to something this)
enjoy your weekend
and don't spend it all watching tv
Michael B

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