Monday, April 23, 2007

Cleveland (30) Rocks

okay, I’ll cop to it early on. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. Even though I’ve lived more years in Los Angeles than Cleveland. Cleveland’s my hometown and I still carry that Cleveland chip on my shoulder. The city has been the butt of jokes for so long that you’d think it’s a mine that has been stripped bare.

But I have to tip my cap (Browns, Tribe, Cavs, Barons if you got it) to the folks at 30 Rock. Last week they did a hilarious “salute” to the Cleve that got big laughs from this Ohio ex-pat. Part of the genius of it was that they poked fun at both Cleveland and New York City so it didn’t seem like just another comic gang-tackle on the “Mistake By the Lake”.

And in case you missed it, you can find it somewhere on

Oh, and see I'm getting better. Now I'm just talking about something that happened last week, not a half a year ago.

Okay, back to work or sleep.

Michael B

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