Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Return of the Wurlitzer Jukebox

Okay, more catching up of old business. Last week, word came out that there’ll be a reunion of the fabulous early 80s Welsh cult band Young Marble Giant.
(Here’s how Pitchfork reported it:
Your reaction will either be HOORAY or who???, depending if this name rings any bells. But of course isn’t that always the case.
For those uninitiated, YMG was a quirky DYI new wave band featuring Alison Statton’s charmingly deadpan vocals, Backing her were Stuart Moxham on guitar and organ and his brother Phil on bass. That was it. not drummer. Not even a “bunnyman” drum machine if memory serves.
On a personal note, YMG were one of those odd bands you hear in college that catch your ear and find a place in your heart. I think it was Susan, the head of my small college’s small radio station who had the album. The vinyl album. Yes, I’m talking about the dinosaur days.
Anyways, their debut full length Colossal Youth was full of oddly appealing minimalistic pop. Songs like Searching for Mr. Right, Music for Evenings, Wurlitzer Jukebox and Credit in the Straight World stick out as standouts. You can go to youtube to find some old clips
but better yet just find the music and listen in some dark, lonely room. There’s an eerie, other worldly feel to the music that old performance video doesn’t do justice. Yes, they are an acquired taste but one worth exploring imho.
If I had been thinking about it Music for Evenings might have made a good blog title.
Oh well...
Michael B.

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