Friday, September 10, 2010

Newbie Quickie: those darling Darlings

I came across the NYC band Darlings (not to be confused with the Tennessee punky twangsters Those Darlins) today and so glad I did. These Darlings have a wonderful trashy garage rock vibe, something that combines early CBGB’s clever punk with Weezer-y power pop. I’ve only listened to their myspace trio of tracks ( but they were compelling enough to make me listen a couple times. The buzzy-riffed “Big Girl” is the most Weezer-like of the three, not that’s there’s anything wrong with hooky, slightly snarky power pop. I like “Eviction Party” better with its Fountains-of-Wayne-doing-the-Strokes-in-a-Village-bar feel and “If This Is Love” is noisy fun too with its “Don’t bother me ‘cuz I’m surfing” outro. Familiar while still fabulously fresh, the Darlings are a new garage pop crush.

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