Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Go See Hear: May 11-16

Kate Miller-Heidke is opening up for Ben Folds at the Music Box Wednesday and Thursday. I actually wrote about her in the LA Weekly this week (http://www.laweekly.com/events/ben-folds-kate-miller-heidke-894946/), so I won’t get too long-winded now. But I will say that the up and coming Australian singer has a quirky New Wave dance pop style to her. At times, she reminds me of Lene Lovich, which I make as a compliment. While she’s an opener now, look for her to return to town with her own show before the year is out.

Jakob Dylan has gotten some good notices for his new disc, Women And Country. And he’s touring with two terrific women singers: Neko Case and Kelly Hogan. They are enough to recommend a show on their own. This 5/13 Wiltern show also features two other good-to-check-out groups, the Felice Brothers and honeyhoney. Strength in numbers for this bill.

The UK group, the Turin Brakes play the Echo 5/14. I have been enjoying listening to their new album, Outbursts. Despite its title, the disc isn’t filled with loud “outbursts” but well-crafted music that attractively blends folk, pop and rock.

The eccentric violin ace Andrew Bird has a pair of solo shows at Largo, May 14-15. I have only kept up with his work periodically but he always seems to be seeking out new musical territory.

Freedy Johnston has a show at the Mint on Saturday the 15th. He garnered many accolades in the early/mid-90s with his expertly penned tunes; he is probably best known for the 1994 gem, “Bad Reputation.” Earlier this year, Johnston put out his first album in around a decade; however, Rain On The City has no signs of rust. It’s a disc of terrifically crafted tunes that etch haunting tales of love and loss. At times suggesting a pensive Matthew Sweet, Johnston makes this disc a mostly quiet affair but he does turn up the energy on tracks like “Don’t Fall In Love With A Lonely Girl.” An album well-worth checking out as is this show.

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B said...

If you have yet to see Kate live, then prepare yourself to be pleasantly surprised! She is in-freakin-credable. Her and her partner Keir put on a fantastic show. Thought I'd share a couple preview tracks for you, just because I am so incredibly passionate.



Enjoy the show :)