Friday, June 1, 2007

The Aristocrats vs. The Aristocats

Tivo is a wonderful thing. Well, I guess any dv-r is but we are a Tivo family. The easy ability to record and zip back and forward through shows is a marvel. But it does some interesting things – particularly when it tapes…er “records”…programs it thinks you would enjoy. Sometimes it records shows in channels we don’t receive or in languages we don’t understand.
Recently, however, it recorded the documentary The Aristocrats – a movie was I actually a little interested in watching. I started to watch some of it the other night. I was rather amusing in its telling and retelling of the warhorse of a filthy joke. The night reached the point where sleep was winning over my waking consciousness so I thought about saving the film with our other tivo’d shows. And then it hit me. We already had saved the old Disney film, The Aristocats, for our five year old daughter. And I could imagine that either myself or my wife, in our perpetually distracted parental mindstate, selecting the ‘crats and the not the ‘cats and having our daughter discover the most infamous joke in jokedom.
So the Aristocats ruled the day and remains among our saved programs - still unwatched I might add. Yes, it would have been a better story if our daughter had mistakenly watched some of the documentary but that's for some other parent to tell.
over n out, Michael B.

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